Tony S. Turner | About
Photography, to me, is life,” says Dallas-based photographer Tony S. Turner. “The best shots come from that brief moment where the light is just right and you completely connect with your subject. I view my world and my life through a lens.”
Having worked with a wide array of clients—from small business owners to large corporations—and to shooting for publications such as Marie Clarie, W Magazine, Stuff, & many others.
Tony’s experience gives him the vision to capture exactly what the client wants, even if they aren’t quite certain at the outset themselves.
When not photographing on assignment, Tony is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and he loves to travel and explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the world. But, Tony readily admits, he is rarely without his camera! The pursuit of passion is satisfying and rewarding in the present moment; a passion cannot be solely about the future.
He thinks it’s possible to be passionate about reaching a goal, but if you find that the process getting there is not pleasurable, then he thinks it’s time to reconsider what you’re doing.
When you are passionate about something, the energy and desire to pursue the passion wells up within you; it happens spontaneously, without effort on your part.
In other words, it’s easier to follow this thing than it would be to ignore or avoid it. When you turn away from it, it gnaws at your insides. In the morning, when you are lying comfortably in bed, the desire for it makes you throw the covers off.
Tony doesn’t have to try to get excited about photography, he just is. He doesn’t try to muster the enthusiasm to do a photo shoot; instead there seems to be a boundless supply of desire for it.